HENSITA Organic Compost Activator


Box of 1.5 KG For 1.5 m2 Exclusive, all-natural formula. For the elimination and recovery of all organic waste (house, garden, livestock).



Model: HEN12
Use this 3 kg natural compost activator, with an exclusive balanced 100% natural formula, to activate the formation of your organic compost. It will make it possible to produce organic manure essential for maintaining soil fertility in a few months.

A respectful and balanced product

The compost activator, made in France, is practical to activate the decomposition of your organic waste. This natural activator contains components of animal and plant origin. These components, when mixed with the rest of the compost, act as biodynamic ferments. This activator is also composed of a natural rock whose role is to self-regulate fermentation while avoiding the risk of dehydration of the pile. So your compost remains well balanced!

Suitable for all types of waste

This exclusive, all-natural formula has been studied for the composting of kitchen debris and waste: vegetable peelings, eggshells, leftover meals … But also from the garden: grass clippings, dead leaves, herbs, crushed branches , sawdust, straw … And breeding: litter, manure …

How to organize your compost?

The land gets tired with the seasons, so it is essential to regenerate it regularly with quality compost! For successful composting, make sure you choose a place in the shade and sheltered from the wind.

* Prefer a square surface, slightly raised because this will facilitate the flow of excess water.
* Mix the different wastes and if some are compact, reduce or shred them if necessary.
* Then spread the waste in successive layers 15 to 20 cm thick.
* Spread 200 g / m2 of natural compost activator on each layer and then water.
* Turn the heap regularly to aerate it (Ref. 1949: 4-fin compost aerator)

If your compost pile becomes compact, natural humidification with rainwater should suffice, otherwise we advise you to water it. So the 3 conditions to ensure the success of your compost are: humidity, sufficient ventilation of the heap and good maintenance of the active microbial flora developed by the natural compost activator.

When to use the compost activator?

The natural compost activator can be brought from spring to fall (April to October). Your compost will be ready after 8 to 12 weeks depending on the nature of the waste and after having warmed up. The compost will then have a brownish-black, lumpy appearance and a sweetish odor.

What is the compost activator made of?

* Nitrogen (N): 4% (organic from the plant and animal protein complex and selected yeasts)
* Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5): 3%

Use: 200 g / m² per 20 cm thick layer (one handful = 30 to 40 g).

Guarantee: This fertilizer can be used in organic farming, in application of RCE N ° 834/2007.

The “+” Garden and Seasons:

+ Suitable for organic cultivation
+ 100% natural
+ Exclusive formula
+ French manufacturing


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