Artificial Grass Sweepy Box Brush Lawn Sweeper/Brush/Broom/Rake Electric With collection Box

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  • Artificial Grass Power Brush
  • Sweeper
  • Broom
  • Rake
  • Artificial Grass


By using the “Sweepy Grass 400 UK Electric Power Brush”, not only does the vigorous single rotating Nylon brush lift the pile perfectly of your newly laid lawn, it also helps to clear and collect any debris that may have found its way into the curled root system of the artificial grass or Astro turf product. By incorporating a single nylon brush system, this ensures the fibres of your grass are lifted perfectly and does not damage the spine of the artificial grass in any way during the rotation of the drum and collects any debris and deposits it into the collection box. With Artificial grass that has been laid for a period of time, with constant usage and heavy foot traffic the pile can tend to crush and lay flat. After the initial period of installation and the first power brushing, for the rest of the lawn’s life, you will only ever need to use the “Sweepy Grass 400 UK Electric Power Brush” on your Fake Grass to give it a spruce or clean up. Brushing it just once or twice a month is ideal for average used lawns, or more regularly if heavy usage. This specially designed and revolutionary electric power rake is leading the way in both helping to clear off leaves, pine needles, and any sundry debris that may have been deposited via mother nature and assists in refreshing the pile of your Artificial Grass. When using your “Sweepy Grass 400 UK Electric Power Broom” ensure you use the brush in different directions so as to keep the turf pile bouncy and upright. However, for the best lifting effect on the pile, it is advisable that you pull backwards against the direction of the pile, not only does this lift up the pile perfectly, it will also brush out any debris that may have found its way onto and into the pile of the grass and deposit it in to the collection box attached. WHY Do I Need One? Artificial Grass becomes flat & tired over time making it look awful! Dirt collects underneath and on top of the surface!


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