HENSITA Wasp Trap – Eco-Friendly Yellow Jacket Traps – Reusable Hornet Traps for Catching Wasp, Bug, Hornets, Gnat and Other Insects – 2 Packs


Effective: The yellow jacket trap is different from other traditional bee traps in catching methods. The bees, waps, and insects are enticed by the smell from the self-made baits and then get stuck in the fly trap.
New catching method by blue light: Another point creating this wasp killer special is the blue light. This light is charged by a solar-powered cell and it will lighten up in the night. The insects are lured by warm wasps killer light and fly into the bee traps outdoor.
Outstanding feature: The bee trap for outdoors are made of high-premiere plastic having the best resistance. Colorful appearance also helps to create a bright decorative point for your garden.
Harmless for use: The fly killer outdoor is totally used natural self-made bait that has no chemicals, no poisons, and also ensures excellent catching function. The insects are lured by the original smell and fly into the gnat trap.
100% satisfied customer service: We try our best to bring the best satisfying experience to our customers. If you are unhappy with wasp trap for outdoor that you purchased, please contact us. We will give you a full refund or replacement instantly.

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This wasp trap is environmental, no chemical and poisons.
This wasp killer is effective, easy to use and durable
The wasp trap has 1pc blue LED with solar energy charging.
In the bottom of cap, there is “on/off” switch to open LED.
Each purchase includes 2 packs and comes with 2 packs of velcro.
The hornet trap has wide application: Trapping Wasps, Mosquitoes, Flies and Bugs…

1. Please do not overfill the bait to exceed the water line on the bottle.
2. Before use, please turn on the switch of the solar energy light to make sure it automatically turns on at night.
3. Try to put different baits in and place the wasp trap in different places every week to increase efficiency.

1. Unscrew cap and pull out it
2. Add some water, insect trapping glue, beer, honey, sugar water to attract wasps
3. Hang the trap near the places where have lots of insects
4. Replace the trap when it is full or after 2- 4 weeks

2 x Outdoor Wasp Trap
2 x Velcro

The Wasp Trap is ideal for picnics, camping, or just around your yard and garden
The Insect Trap should be hung in a tree or a bush, at least 20 feet away from your activity area.


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