Bug zapper 2 packs

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• Powerful & Effective: The electric insect zapper emits the light to attract bugs, mosquitoes and other harmful insects and kill them immediately by the high voltage. It has an impact on wide range up to 500 sq.ft.
• Easy to operate: All things you have to do is plugging this bug trap in socket power and press the button. It’s highly recommended to use in the darkness to get better result.
• Human and Pets Safe: This indoor powerful mosquito killer works on electrical energy. No fumes, no sprays, no smell and no chemicals involved in the process, protecting you and your family from insect troubles in a safe way.
• Variety of application: With a convenient and modern design, 2 packs of the upgraded insect zapper allow covering more spaces such as bedroom, living room, offices, hotel and other wherever you want.
• Satisfaction guarantee: Enjoy with bug-free environment which the bug fruit fly trap brings. We are here to make a completed satisfaction for you. If you have any question, please contact us right away.



If you are looking for a safe and quiet way to remove bugs, fruit fly and other insects, this electric bug zapper is your good choice.
The mosquito eradicator brings the effectiveness quickly and immediately on the very first uses.
It applies UV light lure insects and then kill them by high voltage grid. This product can work all daytime and night, but we recommend using it in darkness to have the best results.
No more buzzing interruptions, the insect zapper is noiseless, protecting more effective than the traditional chemical bug trap.

HOW TO USE: Plug the bug zapper device into correct socket.
Press the button on the side of the product. The LED will light and work automatically. After a period of use, clean up it with a mini brush. To be safer, please do not touch the bug killer with wet hands.


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