Cryopak Flexible Ice Blanket 16.5 x 11.66-Inch (6 Pack)


  • Maintains cold temperature for 24 hours in an insulated container, and can be cut to size thanks to its unique seam technology
  • Non-toxic liquid makes blanket ideal for coolers, first aid kits, and even lunch boxes; ideal to help relieve muscle pain and swelling
  • Patented design allows blanket to be flexible when frozen, so you can wrap it around various shapes and sizes
  • With facilities in Vancouver and Montreal, Cryopak has been a leading provider of temperature controlling products since 2000


The Flexible Ice Blanket is a multi-purpose reusable ice substitute. It’s unique design allows it to be flexible when frozen, and permits easy wrapping around food and beverages. It’s distinctive pattern contains seams, which allows it to be cut down to size for any application. Use in portable coolers, for first aid treatments,and to keep your children’s lunches cold at school. The Flexible Ice Blanket provides you with flexibility and convenience, it is the perfect accompaniment on a hot day at the beach, on picinics, and all outdoor recreational activities.


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