Electronic Bug Zapper -Indoor Insect Killer- Mosquito Pest Lamp Electrocution Bugs Gnat Moths Wasp Hornets Zapper With Blue Light Noiseless Insect Killer Plug-in Electric Trap 2 Packs

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  • ☀ Instantaneous Operation: This bug zapper fly killer emits the blue light, which has been scientifically proven to be highly attractive to insects as flies, mosquitoes and any other annoying insects can’t resist approaching the light source, they get immediately zapped. You just need to plug fruit fly trap into the wall socket and press the button to switch.
  • ☀Nature Friendly: The electronic insect killer is convenient to use without any harmful chemical and toxic, completely harmless to human and pets, even pregnant women. Therefore, fly zapper electric indoor is better choice for you and your family than traditional methods.
  • ☀Wide application: This fly repellent indoor can be used in a variety of places such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, study room, office and other places. 2 packs provided help you cover more spaces where you want to be solved.
  • ☀Easy Maintenance: After a period of use, you can clean this electric fly swatter by unplugging from the electronic fly zapper’s power outlet and then use a small brush to brush off the rubbish from fly catchers for the home indoor. The gnat trap also is pretty easy to clean the mosquito zapper without removing the protective net.
  • ☀Satisfaction Guarantee: We always try the best to provide good quality products as well as trusted service for our customers. Please contact us for everything you concern about this fly killer indoor. We are glad to help you if there is any problem about our fruit fly killer indoor.


If you’re tired of fighting off flying insects, fruit flies and other harmful insects, this best indoor fly killer is made to satisfy all of your need. Stopping using costly chemical products and toxic fumes, it’s time to change another method.

MOSKILA Bug Zapper is Your Best Choice For Chemical-Free Insect Elimination. Invest wisely by purchasing a powerful indoor insect trap that is made to last you for many next years.

Fly killer light works effectively in attracting mosquitoes, insects and other pests with blue light and then reject them with high voltage power grid, causing them to be shocked with electricity. You can see its effects after the first use. This electric indoor insect killer is considered a new and safe solution, eliminating annoying insects with simple usage and more packs to cover different spaces.

Product advantages:

– Effectively remove insects, mosquitoes, moths and some other insects without noise, do not use harmful chemicals for you and your family

– Easy to install, use and clean

– Durable and eco-friendly

– Elegant design can replace the night light in your home, it has slight light which will not disturb your sleep

Gnat killer for indoors uses more magic than dark spaces.  To be safe, do not play with the bugs trap indoor or touch the mosquito killer with wet hands.

Its protective cover keeps children and pets from coming in contact with electric metal plate.


Plug the bug zapper device into correct socket.

Turn on the switch on the side of the moth killer house and it will work immediately.

After some time of use, clean the dead insects from bottom collection tray to get better results.


Hp-805A parameters

Package: 2 packs

Color box size: 140*75*122mm

Weight per set: 170 g

Packing size: 58*39*26.5CM


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