Fire NPK .7-21-17.5, FIRE4L, 4 L

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  • Heavy 16 Fire P/K Booster Oz, Quart, Gallon Supplement Nutrient Booster Additive
  • Brand: Heavy 16 – Part No.: Fire4L – Upc: 728028199246 – N-P-K Ratio: 0.7-21.17.5 – Volume: 4 L
  • 1 Gallon
  • Country Of Origin: United States


Heavy Fire represents the ultimate hand crafted P/K booster created through strict adherence to nutritional chemistry and biological principals. Heavy Fire is a versatile bloom stimulant that can, because of its ingredients, be incorporated into any existing plant system and nutrient program. Starting Heavy Fire in the last one to two weeks of Veg and going through the entire bloom cycle with a gradual ramp will provide you pre-bloom stimulation, and, will supply intermediate and late-phase Cascading Delivery TM of Phosphorous. Also, running Heavy Fire in the late phase of veg will provide for a larger, more resilient root mass, and create larger, more branched foliage. With high analysis of P/K equivalents as the baseline, we use four forms of Phosphorous including the highly effective form Phosphite (PO3) as well as three forms of Potassium. Nitrogen is added in the Ammonium form to facilitate Phosphorous uptake and assimilation. We then combine our premium cold processed kelp mix (Ascophyllum nodosum and Laminaria japonica) to balance natural blooming hormone levels, bio-clays to ensure natural structural integrity and quality (natural silica and calcium, plus exotic minerals), low molecular weight fulvic acid to allow for natural chelation of elements, and natural plant derived energy boosters to increase flower formation rate and maturation. Heavy Fire is formulated in a method that actually brews the material instead of just simply blending it. Natural aging times and subsequent homogenization of both virgin minerals with hand selected ultra-fine ingredients makes Heavy Fire become a chemistry all its own. This combination of ingredients and blending procedures creates a perfect balance between plant nutrition and stimulation from one bottle, allowing the grower to simplify their nutrient regiment while achieving the true quality their plants genetics code for. Core Ingredients Include: Phosphite 3 other forms of available phosphorus 3 forms of


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