Mosquito Killer Lamp


PEST CONTROL UPGRADE: Electric mosquito lamps use UV lamps to attract mosquitoes, effectively attract flying insects to the device and kill them through high-voltage networks. Simply plug the ultrasonic repeller into a power outlet and then turn on the side switch, which means that the pest control function is working. Not only that, the ultrasound also started to work at this time,effective disturbing and stimulating pests (rodents such as mice) to keep them away from the nest
SAFETY & ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: No poisons, chemicals, traps and killings. The pest repellers are 100% safe and harmless to humans, children and pets. It is a physical method that removes pests, is non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. It is an insect repellent that combines advanced technology and humanitarianism. It is cheaper and more durable than expensive pest control companies and other pest control methods
WIDE COVERAGE: Applicable suitable for Indoor/Outdoor(living room, kitchen, bedroom,garage, warehouse, parking lot,etc).Each mosquito repellent has an effective range of 800-1200 square feet. It is recommended that this insect repellent be installed vertically 10 to 40 inches from the ground / floor. Since ultrasonic waves cannot penetrate walls and solids, it is recommended to use one room and one unit. For large areas with serious pests and diseases, additional units are required.
SAFE FOR FAMILY & PETS :Extensively tested to deterrent pests and in no way becomes harmful for your family and pets. The device is noise-free too so hence it is sleep-friendly.
100% SATISFACTORY AFTER-SALES SERVICE: : We are so confident in our products and services.If you are not satisfied with our ultrasonic pest repeller, and it does not get rid of your problem after 90 days using, we will refund your money.

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