REMOS Stoma Scissors Made of Stainless Steel for Cutting The Stoma Base Plate

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  • ✔Quality product: the stoma scissors have a serrated, curved cutting edge and rounded tip. They are made of stainless steel, can be disinfected and are very durable – for the optimal cut every time.
  • ✔Easy to use: the cutting blades are curved to allow round cuts easily. Thanks to the serrated edge, each cut is clean and safe, resulting in a more even cut line of the base plate for stoma care.
  • ✔Safety scissors: the lower cutting blade of the remos stoma scissors has a rounded tip, which facilitates round cuts and prevents damage done to the stoma bag. For a perfect fit around your stoma.
  • ✔Helpful tool: the smooth cutting remos ostomy scissors with curves blades are used to facilitate the circular cuts made when cutting your ostomy baseplate to your stoma size, thus ensuring a good fit.
  • ✔Length: the stoma scissors are 11.5 cm long, fit excellently in your hand, are also ideal for on the go and fit in every pocket or first aid kit – Important: Not intended for use in human medicine.


Remos stoma or colostomy scissors, with serrated edge, stainless. Length: 11.5 cm.


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