RSPB Buggy Coconut Shell Treats (Box of 20)

£25.00 £20.00

  • Box of 20 RSPB Buggy Coconut Treats
  • High energy treat which is easy to hang
  • Made with premium grade suet with added Mealworms
  • Each shell is individually wrapped
  • 100% of RSPB profits help save birds and wildlife


Delight the birds with our Coconut shell treats with added mealworms for extra flavour and nutrition. Who gets more pleasure out of these, the blue tits, long-tailed tits and other beautiful species who devour them – or you watching them clinging to a suspended coconut shell, contentedly pecking at its contents?

Each easy-to-hang shell is packed with a nutritious blend of our premium suet, seeds and cereals, plus mealworms and weighs around 275g.

Includes 20 individually wrapped treats supplied in a recyclable cardboard box.

And remember 100% of RSPB’s profits goes straight back into funding our work to help save birds and wildlife.


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