SPW Hunter Hydrawise HCC-800 HCC-FPUP Wi-Fi Facepack Upgrade

£25.00 £20.00

  • Comes with Main Module and ribbon cable connection.
  • Dual voltage 120v / 230v for domestic and international use.
  • 8 Stations and can expand up to 38 with ICM modules.
  • Wi-Fi enabled for quick connection to Hydrawise software.
  • Can operate up to 2 stations simultaneously.


The HCC combines robust features of the popular ICC2 controller with automatic, weather-based daily adjustments of Hydrawise programming to create a smart and economical solution for residential and commercial landscape management. HCC can control up to 54 zones and effectively operate any two stations simultaneously. The controller’s convenient modular design allows for rapid expandability with the same 4-, 8-, and 22-station output modules as the ICC2. Engineered with a prewired SmartPort, HCC is also compatible with Hunter’s ROAM and ROAM XL remotes, allowing for fast and reliable manual operation in the field from long-range distances without the need for a smartphone. With a built-in milliamp sensor, troubleshooting faulty wires is a breeze. Easily install an HC Flow Meter to accurately monitor flow, prevent wasted water, and avoid damaged landscapes.


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