Wildlife WoodCrafts Picnic Table Feeder

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  • PROPERLY PROPORTIONED SEATING and PERFECTLY SIZED- Our feeder is constructed with the “seating” at the correct height, encouraging table guests to sit comfortably while munching on their snack. Squirrel feeders that are too small or have seats mounted too high force the cute critters to hunch over.
  • INCREDIBLY ENTERTAINING!- Watch with pleasure as your backyard tree acrobats munch away at their favorite new dining area. Squirrels and Chipmunks absolutely love corn! This favorite snack will surely attract them and help keep them off your bird feeders! You can also place an apple or orange on it to attract a variety of birds!
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION- We have done extensive testing to determine which construction materials will endure harsh outdoor conditions and heavy critter traffic. We heavy use gauge construction staples and exterior grade wood glue; Screws tend to cause exposed lumber to split as wet/dry and hot/cold cycles cause the wood grain to expand and contract. Mounting holes are pre-drilled and countersunk to alleviate this stress.
  • MADE IN USA!- Proudly hand crafted in our tiny wood shop in Central Wisconsin. We have been manufacturing premium quality and best selling wildlife shelters and feeders since 2017. YOUR PURCHASE SUPPORTS OUR TEAM IN WISCONSIN, THE SMALL LUMBER DISTRIBUTOR WE BUY FROM, LUMBER EMPLOYEES IN IDAHO AND MONTANA AS WELL AS SEVERAL OTHER SMALL U.S. BUSINESSES WE PURCHASE HARDWARE AND BOXES FROM! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- We back our products with a money back guarantee!
  • READY AND EASY TO INSTALL- You won’t have to try to drive screws at an awkward angle under the table, we designed our picnic table feeder with mounting holes high and easy to access for quick simple installation. Two 2 1/2 inch triple coated exterior screws are included, we provide longer screws than competing feeders to provide a stronger mount especially on trees with thick and coarse bark.


Whether you are trying to distract squirrels and chipmunks from your bird feeders, want to provide an effective way to easily feed them, or simply want to enjoy watching them munch on their favorite snacks in a fun way Wildlife WoodCrafts Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder is simply the best choice

Wildlife WoodCrafts Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder was designed and tested to ensure years of enjoyment while watching squirrels, chipmunks, and other backyard wildlife feed while seated at the table like proper ladies and gentlemen. We have studied complaints and design flaws found in other top selling feeders and found that many were simply too small, seats mounted too high for a squirrel to properly sit, and poorly constructed with inferior materials.

Wildlife WoodCrafts Squirrel feeders are constructed with full thickness Western Red Cedar with heavy gauge construction staples and top shelf exterior grade wood glue. Our mounting system is built stronger, the mounting board is attached to the table legs and table, not just the end grain of the table (fasteners do not hold well in end grain and will eventually fail). Everything you need is included, and the feeder is ready to install!

And finally, we’d like to thank you for supporting our small business and US manufacturing! We believe you’ll be thoroughly satisfied with your purchase.


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