YOGALETTE Toddler Children Yoga Mat 0-5 Years (Blue) Meditation and Mindfulness for Kids, KiddoMat NEW PRICE

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  • Kiddomat…Creating Calm Confident Kiddos
  • A yoga mat that is a perfect size for kids (0-5 years), light weight and easy to carry!
  • Non-toxic, PVC-free and recyclable, size 40cm x 92cm x 6mm
  • Soft and washable (hand wipe and air dry)
  • Made of TPE, environmentally friendly material


Kiddomat by Yogalette helps children develop healthy and harmonious habits for a healthy and harmonious life, by offering an indispensable tool for the practice of yoga.

Kiddomat comes in three fun designs and colors:




For toddlers, Kiddomat is multi-functional and can be used traditionally for exercise, yoga or play, or can be taken out to the garden or parks to play on or to friends house for a safe and comfortable area for your child to sit and eat on.

As parents, we strive to make our children calm, strong and confident. Yogalette looks to equip children with the tools that allow them in to participate in meditiation, yoga practice and exercise.

Yoga for children gained popularity because its basic many health and mind benefits, such as stretching, improved body awareness, and calmness. It is beneficial to children in many ways. Throughout their development, they encounter emotional, social, and physical challenges and conflicts. For children, yoga practice, with its breathing techniques, behavioral guidelines, and physical postures, will help children outgrow the challenges of growing up.


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