YouGarden Salix Hakuru Nishiki Standard Plants

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  • Striking spring tree with pink-leaves erupting into colour every year, fountains of colour
  • The leaves are an combination of green cream and powder pink, hence its common name flamingo willow
  • They are in a standard lollipop form, a clear stem with a ball of colour on top, skilfully grafted on
  • Totally hardy, this low maintenance plant is an ideal to add height to gardens or in pairs in large pots for a more formal look
  • Supplied about 1 m tall pots, they are dormant between October and March, so have no leaves
  • 1 m tall


Finding great specimen trees for smaller gardens or limited spaces, such as patios, can be a challenge, but we think we’ve cracked it for you here! the stunning ‘flamingo Willow’, or Salix integral ‘hakuro-nishiki’ to give it it’s correct botanical name, produces a stunning spring and summer ritual, bursting forth from bare branches, often with catkins on, into a mass of amazing creamy pink variegated and tipped new shoots, set against white Mottled and marbled leaves, keeping that lovely contrast all summer. It is really hardy and easy to grow, simply hack it back to shape in late autumn, it is great in large pots as a feature plant, but needs to be grown where you can see it’s delicate colours. It’s not fussy at all for soil conditions, but do not let it dry out.


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